‘Flush’ by Virginia Woolf (Prosymne Press, 2018)

“…Katyuli Lloyd’s work had hints of Matisse and was beautifully executed…” – Rafi Romaya, Art Director at Canongate Books

Flush by Virginia Woolf (Prosymne Press, London, 2018) illustrated by Katyuli Lloyd is available to buy in the Shop and in all major bookshops in the U.K.

Flush & Elizabeth
“Between them, Flush felt more and more strongly, as the weeks wore on, was a bond, an uncomfortable yet thrilling tightness.”

Wimpole st interior2
“We may suppose that the high dark rooms were full of ottomans an carved mahogany; tables were twisted… and thick rich carpets clothes the floors.”

Sleep became impossible
“Sleep became impossible while that man was there. Flush lay with his eyes wide open, listening.”

Back bedroom low res
“Miss Barrett’s bedroom – for such it was – must by all accounts have been dark.”

Autêntica Editore’s edition (2016) of Flush by Virginia Woolf, translated from the English into Portuguese by Tomaz Tadeu, with some fifteen full page colour illustrations and other illustrations, has been published and is available to buy Here.

Text and illustrations © Katyuli Lloyd, 2015